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You are here because you have been delivered a leaflet by one of our current reliable Adult Post People™. If you have found us via a search engine or seen one of our Post People wanted adverts please note we may not have an office in your locality if that is the case and you apply anyway you application for one of our leaflet distribution jobs will be rejected.

Please take the time to read all of the information available on this page so that you have an understanding of what you will be doing before you apply for one of our leaflet distribution jobs.

DOR-2-DOR is the largest franchised Leaflet Distribution company in the UK and we pride ourselves in being local to our customers. We only operate through our UK based franchise network and your local franchisee will not be located too far away from you (if you received a leaflet through your door).

Please note: We only have leaflet distribution jobs available where we have franchise offices operating.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs Apply

We currently have vacancies for reliable adult POST PEOPLE™

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