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About Dor-2-Dor

DOR-2-DOR (UK) is a division of the Zone Marketing Group which has been established since 1987. We specialise in the door to door distribution leaflets or brochures. In addition to this we also print a wide range of products through our online print solution D2D-Print. To compliment this, we also offer a full design service for any types of business requiring a leaflet distribution or leaflet delivery drop.

We have a wealth of experience and have developed processes and strategies over the years to ensure we deliver your leaflets to promise. We pride ourselves with the flexibility to tailor our professional services to meet each and every of our client’s requirement and we are well placed to support your leaflet campaigns, big or small. Learn more ›

Leaflet Distribution;
The Importance in Marketing

Every business requires a marketing strategy to succeed in the business world today. However, with competition getting tougher by the day, advertising a business is a challenging job. This demands the need to find an efficient strategy that can easily increase market share and rapidly build gross sales.

For any business to flourish in its field, publicity and advertising are crucial for success. Door to door leaflet delivery is among one of the various advertising opportunities available and is regarded to be most efficient. In fact according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) “87% of consumers remember door drops, but only 35% remember email.”

Using Leaflet Distribution

Using leaflet distribution to build the awareness of your brand and extend the reach of your business can be accomplished at a very low cost. If you are intending to grow the level of sales and build your local market share you certainly need to be investigating the possibilities with a local leaflet distribution company. Leaflet delivery is now a very popular marketing option and is becoming main-stream since it is the proven medium used to reach your particular target market directly and locally. Remember there are now over 600 television channels, over 400 Radio Stations, over 9,000 Magazines & Newspapers, over 100 million websites, BUT STILL ONLY 1 LETTERBOX. So with a leaflet delivery / distribution campaign you get a front page advert on every doormat! This kind of strategy can be far-reaching and is showing itself to be among the most popular and cost effective.

Leaflet & flyer delivery

Leaflet & flyer delivery containing info about your business is a great way to earn a big name for your business, which technically means more gross sales. Leaflets help to efficiently reach potential customers. Your target market is important; where they live and in what type of home. With leaflets, you are sure to deliver your message to the prospective customers and it is very easy to monitor your advertising campaign in your chosen target market. However, you must be careful to avoid focusing on too wide of an area with your campaign (to start with anyway). Send your leaflets to your ideal range and avoid wasting money and resources. Most marketing professionals realize the benefits and make use of this advertising method; however, successful distribution business requires good planning.


When planning a leaflet delivery campaign you need to decide what you want to achieve, what are the aims and objectives are and what needs to be the main focus. A well planned strategy is one that focuses on well-defined door to door flyer distribution as well as thorough response monitoring to make sure you know where your leads are coming from, and that they are being dealt with professionally and positively.

Nowadays people receive your leaflet and then visit your website for more information. They then either telephone or send an enquiry through your website. Although this is the majority people do still phone straight from your leaflet. It is very important to ask clients when they call where they saw your advert. Adding a selection box to your web forms is the best way to track where your web enquiries are coming from. The Internet is still not universally accessible therefore; leaflet delivery is a great advertising medium which is delivered direct to the customers’ home. This is a very powerful way to reach emerging and developing markets efficiently.

Intensive Advertising

For intensive advertising of your business, high quality leaflet delivery & distribution services are a very sound solution. There are many companies offering “Flyer & leaflet delivery/distribution services”. However, how you choose your provider will be critical to the success of your campaign. A professionally prepared and executed distribution can be counted on to provide your business with a huge success. However choose the wrong provider and your financial investment can be doomed to be a disaster.

Here at Dor-2-Dor we have expertise, experience and a very wide knowledge. We are a One Stop Shop, designing, printing and delivering your leaflet campaign, bringing you an outstanding and valuable return on investment (ROI) for your business. It is fundamental to choose a well-established reliable company to provide design, print and distribution services for your business. Dor-2-Dor has now been established for over 25 years and we operate from over 35 franchised offices around the country. This ensures that when you are running a leaflet delivery campaign with Dor-2-Dor we are local to you.

Compromising this important marketing opportunity could deny your business increased brand loyalty and loss of market share. In the 21st century letterbox marketing is an important media channel that should not be neglected. Any business leaving out this important marketing opportunity will do this only at its peril. They must think about implementing this marketing strategy for their business. It will make a very worthwhile investment.